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Welcome to Roxor blasting technology

Roxor pressure-blasting machines are designed for precision blasting of valuable machine parts. They are low-maintenance, long-lasting, user-friendly, and therefore ideal for the highly demanding work required in the aerospace and automotive industries. Our customers can be sure of maintaining quality to the highest standard for decades to come. Well-known aerospace firms are numbered among our satisfied customers.

Challenge us with your task –our experience and passion will help us find the optimal solution for your needs.




Roxor pressure-blasting machines are the most economical way to treat the surfaces of components that are subject to high demands and weight-optimized.

Our customers use our equipment to meet the highest standards of reliability, long-lastingness and robustness for their products.

Shot peening
Peening for cleaning purposes


Roxor blasting machines are tailor-made for demanding applications. They are optimally adapted to the customer’s applications, processes and installation conditions, and are provided to the customer ready for use.

Roxor’s modular building-block system contains both a smart range of tried-and-true standard components, and extra fittings scaleable to customer needs.

Circulation of shot media
Workpiece machining
Blasting cabin
Operation and control of the equipment

Range of service

Roxor’s service package starts with a technical consultation aimed at determining the optimal peening process for you.

Given the long working life of Roxor equipment, you can count on our technical support, including maintenance and spare parts, for decades to come.

Consulting on process
Service and maintenance
New modules added / Retrofit
Spare parts


The core competence of FREYMATIC is automation of critical processes in a physically demanding environment.

The Roxor brand, with its blasting technology, stands for outstanding quality standards in the aerospace industry.

In the ceramics industry, FREYMATIC Ceramics is the recognized worldwide wet-end specialist, with decades-long experience in developing and implementing tailor-made solutions.